Algal accrual in Campbell

modelling algal accrual: campbell reservoirs, vancouver island

In partnership with Ecofish Research Ltd., Statistical and digital elevation models (DEM) were linked to explore effects of variation in littoral area and habitat attributes on periphyton biomass accrual in two water storage reservoirs on northern Vancouver Island, Canada. Periphyton biomass accrual culminating in peak biomass (PB) was measured over three months on substrata installed at multiple depths and replicate stations in each of summer and fall periods in the two reservoirs. Nutrient concentrations, temperature, and PAR were measured at each substratum to obtain detailed and accurate relationships between PB and those determinants of periphyton accrual. Models having strong fits to the data and the DEM facilitated simulations of change in PB with variation in habitat attributes and water surface elevation. Results are being used as a decision support tool in planning water management strategies for the reservoirs, wherein periphyton is the basis of the littoral food web supporting fish populations. To be presented at the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) meeting in Denver, CO, November 2017.

Client:                   Laich-Kwil-Tach First Nation

Funding:              BC Hydro

Sector:                  Reservoirs and lakes

Status:                  Completed 2017