Drinking water: metro vancouver

Vancouver has one of the most pristine and high-quality water supplies in the world. There are three main water storage reservoirs situated at high elevations in protected and undisturbed watersheds of coastal rainforest. There is no public access to these watersheds. They are a jewel contributing to the high quality of living in Metro Vancouver. Beginning in 2015, Metro Vancouver engaged Limnotek to review historical limnology data from the reservoirs and watersheds, prepare an updated water quality monitoring design, and work with Metro Vancouver staff to implement that design. This initiative is providing Metro Vancouver with improved understanding of how the reservoirs function within overall ecological processes of the surrounding watersheds. Installation of advanced instruments are now providing real time tracking of key water quality attributes. The data stream now provides early warnings of water quality anomalies, it integrates watershed and reservoir biogeochemistry and over time it will support development of models used to learn about critical ecological processes and management actions that determine the quality of water at source.


Client:                   Metro Vancouver

Funding:              Metro Vancouver

Sector:                  Reservoirs and lakes

Status:                  Ongoing