Chris Perrin

Msc. RPBio.

Chris Perrin is the Principal of Limnotek, based in Vancouver, Canada. Trained in aquatic and forest sciences with a focus on biogeochemistry, Chris uses applications of statistics and modeling to guide project design to clearly answer water management questions using empirical data. Chris thinks beyond standard ways of doing things, stimulates others to be creative, and he is holistic in approaches to aquatic science. Its not just about the water…it can also be about what happens upstream. Chris maintains the view that Limnotek must make client’s lives easier and enrich them with accomplishments in managing water that adds value and understanding, not undue complications. To do that, excellence in science and communications are key drivers in Chris’s approach. 

Chris has engaged clients from several industries, all levels of modern governments, and First Nations mainly in western Canada. Industries include water and waste management, hydro power, mining and smelting, forestry including pulp and paper, ports, and transportation.

Chris is the author of 270 publications and reports, including book chapters, articles in refereed journals, and contract reports. He has reviewed articles for nine scientific journals, and he is a member of six international scientific societies.

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Shauna bennett

Msc. RPBio.

Shauna Bennett, based in Terrace, B.C., is an aquatic scientist, specializing in bioassessment and environmental effects monitoring. Shauna has been with Limnotek for 11 years. Shauna is a “CABIN” (Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network: ) specialist having built several bioassessment models for different regions in British Columbia including the Skeena region where she lives and works. CABIN is an assessment tool managed by Environment Canada that can show whether stream quality is changing over time and in various places in relation to point or diffuse source discharges and climate change. Shauna is a skilled leader in management of field sampling programs, data management, and multivariate statistics, including the organization of logistics and integration of field sampling and analysis in laboratories. She provides excellent communication with team members and clients resulting in seamless transition from project design to application in the field to data organization and quality control. A present focus for Shauna is working with Rio Tinto Alcan, laboratories across Canada, and ESSA Technologies Ltd. on a large scale environmental effects monitoring program involving many lakes across a large geographic area. As part of this work, Shauna has an attention to detail in the maintenance and regular testing of scientific instruments to ensure they are working perfectly at all times. Shauna also enjoys analytical work on hydro-power projects to examine relationships between water management actions and water quality and biota in reservoirs and rivers to guide management decisions. Assessment of wastewater treatment effectiveness in rivers is another important area of work for Shauna. Shauna is an active runner and community volunteer with children’s dance programs, soccer, and hockey.


Fred seiler

Fred Seiler brings a wealth of technical and safety experience to his position as field coordinator for north coast projects. Fred has 30 years experience safely leading field crews in hazardous terrain, on large rivers, and on lakes in northern environments. Fred is based in Terrace, providing logistics, safety organization, and equipment management for field sampling activities on the Rio Tinto Alcan Environmental Effects monitoring program and other northern based activities. Fred is an ATV instructor, Swiftwater rescue instructor, water rescue technician with Terrace Water Rescue, and a skilled jet boat operator with familiarity on many northern rivers and lakes. Fred teaches bear awareness to field crews from many resource development companies and he teaches bear and wilderness safety at the University of Northern BC in Prince George, B.C. Fred ensures that safety plans for Limnotek field programs are complete and he is the safety leader for Limnotek work with Rio Tinto Alcan.


Danusia Dolecki


With over thirty years of experience Danusia Dolecki holds a wealth of knowledge and experience like few others in the field of freshwater taxonomy and systematics. Danusia began her career at the University of British Columbia in 1980, shortly after emigrating from Poland in 1979 with a Master’s Degree from the University of Warsaw. Her work advanced alongside highly regarded Professors at UBC in the 1980’s and she completed certifications for excellence in taxonomy by the North American Benthological Society (now called Society for Freshwater Science). She eventually transitioned to taxonomic services outside of university including work with Limnotek that started 15 years ago. Danusia has completed numerous projects involving the analysis of freshwater invertebrates and algae from all corners of British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alberta. Danusia also enjoys teaching laboratory components introducing fourth year biology students to invertebrate taxonomy.