ESSA ( ) and Limnotek have partnered on several projects to achieve a holistic approach to ecological analysis that is a hallmark of both companies. Limnotek and ESSA partnered as part of a consortia to build the aquatic effects assessment for the large SiteC clean energy project. ESSA provided systems modeling and decision support and Limnotek provided field sampling design, empirical data collection, and statistical modeling based on the complex field sampling program. Both skill sets came together to produce one of the most comprehensive interpretations of reservoir and river response to change that has been produced in British Columbia. As part of the Kitimat Modernization Project for Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA), both companies again combined skills to successfully execute an effects assessment of change in SO2 emissions from a new smelter. ESSA was the lead company dealing with ecological modeling and liaison with First Nations, community groups, and regulatory authorities with RTA while Limnotek developed and implemented the field sampling and quality control program over many lakes in the Douglas Channel and Kitimat – Terrace corridor that is ongoing as part of Environmental Effects Monitoring by RTA. This synergy has been effective for ESSA, Limnotek, and clients not only in these recent projects but also during similar endeavours of the past 15 years.